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We understand that our clients' data is confidential in nature. All data and information communicated to us (including 3D prints, 3D models, and project details) in the normal course of business will not be publicly disclosed, except where the IP for such information is held by us. The projects listed in this page are either public knowledge, projects where the IP is owned by us, or where prior permission has been obtained. 

If your project is included in this page and/or on this website and you would like its inclusion to be amended/excluded, do write to us at and we will get back to you.


SUTD Time Capsule

The SUTD Time Capsule preserves and exhibits the university’s most significant innovations and milestones over the past decade. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and as part of the year-long celebrations, the SUTD Time Capsule was sealed on 10 July 2019 in the presence of distinguished guests, friends and family. It will be opened on 10 July 2039.

Makeyverse was involved in the design iteration phase and construction phase for the decorative panels and structural edge panels covering the entire Time Capsule structure. We successfully 3D printed and delivered 2610 panels within 1 month, and an additional 1282 panels after, using 45 printers. We also provided design feedback from the 3D Printing perspective to help ensure the successful rapid iterative design and prototyping of the Time Capsule panels.

Read more about it here

3D Printed Vending Machine Mount

We designed and 3D Printed a 2-part mount to attach a QR code reader to vending machines. The mounts are used in the public deployment of the machines, and as such the mounts are designed to be tamper-resistant with no outward facing access points. 20 sets of the mount were fabricated, with the assembly process designed to be simple enough to be handled by the client without any specialised tools.

Services provided:

- On-site and Off-site Inspection, Consultation, and Measurement

- Conceptualisation, Design and Test Fitting

- 3D Printing Fabrication and Supply of Components


City of Innovation: Singapore 2019

The City of Innovation: Singapore exhibition showcases cutting-edge technologies and innovations that improves the lives of citizens and helps keep Singapore ahead in planning for its future. The exhibition was launched in Marina Bay Sands and also made its way to Our Tampines Hub and Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

Representing SUTD in the exhibition, we showcased the power of 3D Printing both as a tool to develop solutions for everyday problems and as a platform to realise creative ideas and innovations. The general public also had the opportunity to observe the 3D Printing process up close and speak to 3D Printing professionals as part of the effort to spread awareness and knowledge of 3D Printing.

Introduction to 3D Printing with Fusion 360

Held at PIXEL Labs@NLB, the workshop helped participants to understand the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing industry and enabled them to experience the entire object creation process using 3D Printing. While the workshop mainly focused on 3D model creation via Fusion 360, it also covered 3D Printing concepts, industry overview and insights, workflow processes, and important print settings for successful prints, and included a live 3D Printing demonstration. Participants had hands-on experience with 3D Print pens and 3D Computer-Aided Modelling (Fusion 360).

The workshop was targeted towards the general public in any age group with no prior knowledge necessary, and was held on February 2020 at PIXEL Labs at Tampines Regional Library and Jurong Regional Library.

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