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SUTD Time Capsule

celebrating 10 years of igniting innovation by design

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). As part of the year-long celebrations, the SUTD Time Capsule was sealed on 10 July 2019 in the presence of distinguished guests, friends and family. The SUTD Time Capsule will be opened on 10 July 2039.

The SUTD Time Capsule preserves and exhibits the university’s most significant innovations and milestones over the past decade, with a design that coordinates form and materials to reflect the ambitious and adventurous spirit of the young university. The capsule’s surface consists of 3,582 unique panels, which were computationally designed and 3D printed with biopolymers, producing zero waste.



During the design phase of the SUTD Time Capsule, we provided immediate 3D printing services and design feedback from the manufacturing perspective to help ensure the successful rapid iterative design and prototyping of the SUTD Time Capsule panels. The goals of the design feedback were to:

  1. Reduce print time to ensure the production of as many panels as possible within the deadline

  2. Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual support removal from the printed panels

  3. Achieve the highest possible print success rate.

The final panel design achieved a print time of as short as 4 hours and can be printed without supports with no design-related print failures.


During the construction phase of the SUTD Time Capsule, we successfully 3D printed and delivered 2610 panels within 1 month, and an additional 1282 panels after, using 45 printers.


The printing process involved rapid printer set-up and deployment in a confined area, mass file processing and printer management, inventory and procurement supply chain management, and printed part management. Documentation services were also provided.

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