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Making 3D Printing accessible, practical, and affordable for everyone

Makeyverse was founded in 2018 with the goal of unleashing the power of 3D Printing for all. We believe in breaking down barriers of adoption by making 3D Printing accessible, practical and affordable for everyone.

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Under our former name Alpa3D, we started out offering 3D Printing services for SUTD students working on their projects. Since then, we have built up our key capabilities and expanded our services to serve a wider range of clients such as engineering companies, educational and research institutions, and the general public.


We strive to be a one-stop solution for all your 3D Printing needs. Whether you are looking for 3D printed objects/solutions for your projects, or a hobbyist or professional looking to get your own 3D Printer, or just someone wanting to get started and learn about 3D Printing, we are here to help you achieve more.

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