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"3D printing will confirm its role as one of the most transformational and consequential technologies in the fourth industrial revolution"*


The adoption of 3D printing has been on the rise not just in industrial sectors but also amongst general consumers. Mainstream 3D printing technology is now the most common starting point for hobbyist tinkerers and fabricators, and 3D Printing is increasing seen as a work enabler and productivity tool.

At Makeyverse, we believe that 3D Printing enables users to create innovative solutions for everyday problems, express and visualise their creativity, and bring their ideas to life, quickly and affordably. We aim to spread the knowledge of 3D Printing to encourage increased adoption and usage of 3D Printing, both for industries or general consumers. 

Beyond just imparting knowledge, we aim to eliminate the knowledge barrier and ensure that students are confident in using 3D Printing technology right after our courses, so that they can immediately take full advantage of the benefits 3D Printing can offer. Our courses do not just involve theoretical lessons, they also include hands-on guided and unguided practice with software(s) and machine to build knowledge and confidence, making sure that no student is left behind. Our secondary courses in design and general prototyping also helps students to integrate 3D Printing into a wider range of applications and projects. 


3D Printing

We teach basic to advanced skills needed to set 3D Prints and get them right, every time. We cover:

  • General knowledge of 3D Printing

  • The 3D Printing Process

  • 3D Printing slicing and settings

  • Safe and Confident operation of 3D Printer

3D CAD Modelling (Fusion360)

We teach basic to intermediate skills needed to create your own 3D Model using Fusion360. This model can be exported for 3D Printing.


While Fusion360 is relatively easy to pick up, it is also commonly used in industries for 3D CAD Modelling, thus providing upwards continuity should users choose to further their skills for professional purposes.


Design Thinking and Application

Basic electronics prototyping including Arduino integration

Theme/Project-based courses or Custom Courses

​Basic Mechanical Prototyping

Simple Programming & Computational Logic (Python, C++ for Arduino)

Mechatronics Design & Integration


Courses are conducted upon request, with flexible time and location. Lesson plans are available and can be customised to your requirements. Can be conducted as a standalone lesson or integrated into your current educational activities / programmes. Rates are charged by per session / per hour, no minimum pax.


For any enquiries, collaborations, or course requests and arrangements, please email us at We will reply and correspond with you from this email.

*  Annunziata, Marco . “2020: The Year Ahead In 3D (Printing)” Forbes, 17 Dec 2019,

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