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Ender-3 Pro

Big on performance, low on price

$330 for DIY assembly kit, or

$380 for fully assembled printer

Features you'll love

Mean Well UL Certified power supply

safe, consistent, & reliable

Print Resume function

in case of power cut-off

Magnetic Print Bed

Better print bed adhesion and print removal

Large Levelling Nuts

Easier print bed levelling

220mm x 220mm x 250mm build volume

Machine size: 440mm x 410mm x 465mm

Rapid Heating

Less than 5 mins to heat up print bed

Tested. Trusted. Reliable.

Ender-3 Pro 3D Printers make up our main fleet of 3D printers offering 3D printing services to clients


And after extensive testing and usage, here's our honest review*

Outstanding print bed adhesion

Prevents prints from warping or coming loose - a common problem in 3D Printing

Easy print removal

Smaller prints are effortlessly removed with the help of the detachable magnetic bed

High-quality prints

Accurate and detailed prints often outperforms other 3D Printers in its price range

Easy Print Bed Levelling

Large levelling knobs make bed levelling easy, and while manual levelling requires a small amount of human effort, we find that it can make bed levelling less complicated and restricted and reduces errors.

Decent reliability

If handled correctly, the Ender-3 Pro has a very low rate of print failures (5% or less) compared to other 3D Printers at a similar price point.

Adequate Print Volume

From our experience with customers, the print volume of the Ender-3 Pro (220mm x 220mm x 250mm) is adequate for most prints.

Sufficiently Silent

While not being the quietest 3D Printer in the market, it is still relatively quiet, making roughly as much noise as a household fan.

Wide support availability

The Ender-3 Pro is one of the most common 3D Printers, and as such there are plenty of online resources available 

Print Bed wears out over time and can be easily damaged

With proper usage, it should be good for over 100 prints, and a new print bed is affordable and easily replaceable - just replace the top magnetic piece and you're good to go!

Large prints may be difficult to remove

The magnetic attraction between the top and bottom layer of the magnetic print bed makes the magnetic bed not as easy to remove from the printer for prints with larger base areas

Visible z-axis lines

This is due to the single z-axis rod, which can result in less accurate z-axis control. A well-built printer minimises this, and we offer upgrades to tackle this.

*Reviews are based on our independent internal usage and testing of the 3D Printer. Reviews are made in comparison to other printers in the same price range, therefore some positive/negative points may not be mentioned as they may be common throughout printers in this price range. 

Get to know the Ender-3 Pro

Magnetic Print Bed

Build volume: 220mm x 220mm x 250mm

1.75mm Filament Diameter


I want one. What's next?

Email us at and let us know which printer you would like (Ender-3 Pro for the printer on this page). Do also let us know if you would like delivery or self-collection from our premises here.

We also sell magnetic beds and glass beds for Ender-3 Pro / 300mm x 300mm printers and 1.75mm printer filaments (PLA / PETG / Carbon Fiber). Do let us know via email ( if you would like any of these.

To further improve our customer experience, we are in the process of setting up our online store. Do stay tuned for any developments which will be reflected here.

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