Warranty Information

3D Print with confidence with our add-on Warranty plan

What is in our warranty plan

12 Months Local Carry-in to our premises

Covers Parts and Labour in the event your 3D Printer stops functioning as expected

For a complete version of the warranty plan and the Terms and Conditions of Warranty, read here

Examples of scenarios covered by our Warranty (non-exhaustive):

  • Malfunctioning Extruder / Hot End / Heated Bed

  • Broken extruder parts

  • Under-extrusion / Non-Extrusion of material

  • Printer unable to move along x/y/z axis

  • Printer unable to power on

Examples of scenarios NOT covered by our Warranty (non-exhaustive):

  • Damaged Magnetic Print Bed (except if damaged when originally received)

  • Printer Damage caused by overvoltage / power fluctuations / power failure

  • Wear and Tear

  • Collapse of prints during 3D Printing, where there is no significant visible contact with hot end / nozzle to cause print collapse

  • Design flaws consistent with other printers of a similar make and model

Conditions of Warranty (non-exhaustive):

  • The Printer and/or its Components should be in the original condition, either unassembled or assembled by you/us.

  • The Printer and/or its Components should not have been taken apart and/or serviced by anyone other than us.

  • The Printer and/or its Components should not have been damaged through improper care and/or use. 

Carrying in your Printer

Before bringing in your 3D Printer, please conduct a basic check to make sure that it is indeed faulty

  • Is the Printer plugged in to a working power socket and is the Printer and power socket turned on?

  • Is the filament tangled on the spool and thus hindering extrusion?

  • Are all wires connected according to the instructions for assembly?

  • Is the print bed leveled properly to allow extruded filament to flow?

  • Is the hot end temperature hot enough to melt and extrude filament? (follow the recommended temperatures for your filament)

If the problem still persists, please arrange a time with us to bring your 3D Printer in. You may find our contact information and location here. Please do not bring in your printer without making an appointment beforehand.