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In Makeyverse, we have over 40 machines that are preciously tuned to your satisfaction. We had been engaged by departments of multiple institutions, research labs, companies, agencies as well as individual clients. We work with all clients to ensure that products are fabricated within their deadline with good quality.

1. Mass Manufacturing of 3D Printed Parts

One of our proudest work is the SUTD Time Capsule. This project contains over 3000 individual unique pieces. Each pieces were carefully printed, while managed by out by end system to ensure good logistic work flow. 


2. Single/ Low Volume Production

Single or low volume pieces are the typical type of print job that we receive day to day. We had managed a wide spectrum of job, so that we can give you the best advice in managing your print. Refer below for the catalogue.

mass mauf

1. Mass Manufacturing of 3D Printed Parts

Having to print and manage 3000+ unique pieces is no easy task. We have the experience of diving the batch into batches, tagged each printers in order to log each entry in a tidy manner on our backend sheet.

This project is really an state-of-the-art master piece where the whole pavilion is covered with a 3D print mesh. In Makeyverse we love challenge, and we consistently breakthrough existing boundaries to see how 3D printing technology can be closer to our daily life.

time capsule poster.jpg
low volume

2. Single/ Low Volume Production


In Makeyverse, we are no ordinary printing company. We aim to excel and explore new use cases that 3D printing can be applied to our daily lives. We want to create an experience where 3D printed parts can be integrated with human lifestyle seamlessly. Refer to the gallery below to see what creative ideas we had came out with, such as shiny maneki neko for new year, 3D printed hamster toys, house and dinosaur models, mask parts during the Covid19 crisis and even stools that takes a human weight.

If you say you cannot do 3D drawing? Fear not, there are websites such as "" to download free STL files for printing. Do lookout for the respective licencing.

For more question please feel free to contact us at

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